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If you are also an avid Pokemon player, you may come across a similar situation. As you undeniably know, Pokemon Go is one of the most popular AR games today.

However, there are many limitations in the game that make it difficult for us to move on. The good news is, with the new Pokemon Go Mod Apk, you can unlock lots of prizes in the game for free.

This post will tell you how to install and use Pokemon Go Mod Apk on Android without affecting your device.

What is Pokemon Go?

If you are new to Pokemon Go, this is an excellent game for you, and you can also enjoy Pokemon Go. Pokemon GoApk Mod – downloads game, download in 2020, download Pokemon Go Mod latest version and download online game Pokemon Go which is available right at Apk Planett.

It uses our smartphones to find nearby Pokémon and catch them. After you have caught Pokémon, you can participate in battles and even train your monsters.

The game currently has over 500 different types of Pokémon and is played by over 140 million people per month.

We are also encouraged to capture some Pokémon due to its state-of-the-art AR function. While the game is easy to play initially, it takes a lot of physical work and dedication to progress.


App Name Pokémon GO
Publisher Niantic
Genre Adventure
Size 92M
Latest Version 0.193.0
Size 8M
MOD Info Fake GPS/Hack Radar
Get it On Google Play
Last Update November 25, 2020

Significant cash experience software/game Pokémon GO v0.137.1 big cash APK MOD published in 1552118871. Download and set the Pokémon GO v0.137.1 big cash APK file (87.74 MB). The variation for Pokémon GO v0.137.1 is huge cash of 0.137.1. Users have already posted down more than 42 of this Mod. A speed of 3.9 out of 5 applies to this Mod. Install the Pokémon GO v0.137.1 more APK file. Now, your Android device switch should be Android 4.4 (KitKat). Pokémon GO v0.137.1 more cash APK works very well on 46 users’ devices. A version of Pokémon GO v0.137.1 large cash APK will be 87.74 MB. You can download Pokémon GO v0.137.1 more cash APK to get no cash and win easily.

Major Features in Pokemon Go Mod Apk

If you’ve been playing Pokemon Go for a while, you’ll see the time and enthusiasm it takes. To solve this, players have come up with innovative solutions in the Pokemon Go Mod Apk.

This is a “modified” version of Pokemon Go with many additional features that will make our game more comfortable than ever. If so, here are some of the key features you’ll find in the latest Pokemon Go Mod Apk.

  • It has a fake GPS function that allows us to spy our custom location where we want. This way, we can easily capture the Pokemon at any designated area on our runway.
  • There is also a test section that allows you to move from one place to another. This will help you change your Pokemons (friend message) or add new eggs without the notice.
  • It also has unique features such as cooldown and anti-ban. This will ensure that you do not disable the add-on feature of Pokemon Go Mod Apk, or your account will be banned.
  • Limited Coin Pokemon Go Mod Apk seems to be a player favourite. You will receive a limited list of coins so that you can buy any tool and other simple add-ons.
  • You can also play Pokemon Go Mod Apk with a fun tree to help you move your character quickly. The App also contains detailed information about recently appeared Pokémon, PokéStops, gyms, and other useful information.


This application is free and offers in-game purchases. It is suitable for smartphones, but not tablets.

  • Compatible with Android devices with 2 GB RAM or more and Android version 4.4 – 6.0 installed.
  • Not required for GPS-enabled or non-Wi-Fi connected devices
  • No board connection guaranteed.
  • The application may not run on some devices, even if they have a compatible operating system installed.
  • Encourages you to play while connecting to a network for direct location information.
  • Relevant information may be changed at any time.

Hack Steps

Following are the Pokemon go Mod hack steps:

  • You need to download and install the new version of Pokemon GO
  • Download and install Hide Mock Location
  • Download and install Xposed Ins6taller (Update the application base as required)
  • Open the Hide Mock Site app and select Pokemon Go
  • Save the Hide Mock Site Module using Xposed Installer

How to Download

There are different versions of the Pokemon Go Mod app available for both stock and rooted Android devices. Since you can get the Pokemon Go Apk without root, I would say this is the best option since you don’t need to make your device vulnerable. However, there are specific settings you need to make before installing the application. This is how you can use andPokemon Go Mod Apkdownloadon your device.

    • Since Pokemon Go Mod Apk is not available in Google Play Store, you need to enable the app install function from other sources. To do this, go to Phone Settings> Security and turn on the ability to download apps from unknown sources.
    • Now, launch any search engine like Google Chrome and go to a trusted website to get the latest Pokemon Go Mod Apk (download link).
    • Once you have downloaded the Pokemon Go Mod Apk file, tap on the Apk to start the installation. If you find an error like this, go to Google Chrome installation and install the software on your device.
    • Great! You are almost there. After installing the Pokemon Go Mod, you can go to your phone’s App> About Phone and tap “Build Number” 7 times non-stop to open Settings options.
    • Now go back to Phone Options> Developer Options and turn on the location mocking feature. From here, you can select Pokemon Go Mod Apk as your default app to set a problematic location on your device.
    • Here it is! Now you can just run Pokemon Go Mod Apk on your device and login into your account. On the side, you’ll see a wide range of features that Pokemon Go needed. For example, you can click on the map icon to plot your location or the walking icon to simulate your movement.

Tips for Playing Pokemon Go

It is not enough to install Pokemon Go Mod Apk because you need to do some tricks to restrict your savings.

  • Make sure you have the latest Pokemon Go Mod Apk installed for information that comes with a restriction feature.
  • Do not use its add-on features like GPS lie or location simulation too many other things as you may find a weak-tab in your account.
  • If you are spouting your location, try to change it to a nearby place and do not change your area to different parts of the world often.
  • There is a cooldown length that you should know when changing your location. For example, if you are spouting your location 5km away, wait for at least 3 minutes. Here’s a cooldown length chart to help you decide how long you should wait before booking.
Pokemon go cooldown chart


Ready! After reading this post, you can easily use Pokemon Go Mod Apk on Android like a pro. Since such an application is required for non-jailbreak iPhone users, they can use another option, such as dr. fone – Virtual Settings (iOS).

Using it, you can simulate your iPhone’s location or simulate your movement for games like Pokemon Go without having to update your device. Try this Pokemon Go Mod on Apk Planet and tell us your experience in the comments.

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