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The Dokkan Battle Mod game is a perfect combination of creative and puzzles action, so it’s friendly and easy for most players right available at Apk Planett. Especially for those who like this type of puzzle, they will have the opportunity to enjoy the massive battles and what they did in the puzzles.  Also, players can interact with humans during combat, such as the use of specific skills, the use of essential tasks, and many other personal developments.  The player can also interact with the environment through a puzzle-solving system. The game will include lots of fun activities and activities for players, as well as lots of global tournaments for Dragon Ball Z players.

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle is one of the best Dragon Ball games so far, game for Android. The game features an entirely new gameplay mechanism that combines action and puzzle to give players the most intense battles.  Moreover, the game also presents vibrant 2D graphics, a perfect construction of the characters, as if you were coming out of a new generation of anime.  The game’s plot also has many innovations: the world and its chronology are plunged into chaos, and characters from the past or future meet and begin to fight to determine the winner.

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle will use an engaging and stunning 2D graphics engine, making the game look like a lively anime for player enjoyment.  Not only is that, but the effects of the skills and animation of the characters carefully designed, making the world in the game real and impressive.  Of course, the process of struggle, evolution and strength will also be focused on design, to provide the player with a fierce battle between individuals. Fans of the popular The Final Power Level Warrior and One Punch Man: Road to Hero will also have the opportunity to experience the epic puzzle game and exciting story of Dragon Ball Dokkan Battle.

And it works best if you are also a Dragon Ball fan. Feel free to challenge your friends and opponents on the web in endless situations. This time, with our system, you will enjoy the game to the fullest. If you are a Dragon Ball Z Dokkan battle fan, this game will give you a lot of fun. Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle has a stunning, bright and colourful graphics. The game makes you want to watch Dragon Ball animation. The characters are created and duplicated according to the original version of the cartoon.  After you finish the puzzle, there will be a battle movie between the two characters on the screen, and the lost character will fall—simplified process for unlocking potential hidden routes.

  • Fixed some bugs on your screen, with screen effects broken.
  • Optimized “Training” and “Awakening”.
  • Simplified the process of installing support elements.
  • The process of creating training locations has been optimized.
  • Added a new function “Special sticker”.
  • Customized user interface.
  • Fixed some screen errors with non-working screen effects.

Dokkan Battle Game Features:

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle is a viral game with players all over the world even today. To fully understand how good this game is, we are going to talk about the features that it offers.

  1. DBZ Collectible Heroes – Almost all your favourite characters from the original Manga and Anime series are here! Not only that but the criminals too! Choose characters from several classes like Androids, Saiyans, Humans and Gods! What more can you ask for? They also offer unique character tokens which are an updated version of a character.
  2. Unique gameplay – When you hear Dragon Ball Z, you’d fight right away, right? But in this game, that’s not the whole story. Instead, you get a puzzle game that relies entirely on your mind! You don’t play this every day, so grab it while it’s hot!
  3. Different game modes – In addition to the unique gameplay, DBZ Dokkan also offers a variety of game modes. You can play the story mode of the game, as well as special events for additional prizes. This way, you will not be easily bored!
  4. Compete against other players – As this is an online game, you can compete with other players around the world!
  5. Action scenes – Since this is DBZ, action and fight scenes are still here and there. In each of your legs to attack, your character works out the attack in fantastic animation!
  6. Get active and collect your daily rewards.
  7. Plus, for those of you who are interested, there are also several exciting daily rewards that you can pick up and enjoy. Just be pretty active in Dragon Ball Dokkan Battle Mod Apk and return to the game every day to enjoy the endless rewards and stacking.
  8. Complete daily tasks and achievements to earn special rewards.
  9. For more epic rewards players can take part in extraordinary daily challenges or enjoy achievements to earn their unique benefits. Feel free to enjoy the updated gameplay while still having access to great characters. And most importantly, you will be able to solve many exciting problems every day.
  10. Free to play
  11. And despite all these fantastic features, the game is now available for free to all Android players on their mobile devices. However, you can always get it from the Google Play store for free for parents.
  12. Make the game more fun with our mod.
  13. Also, for some of you, in-app purchases and ads can be a bit confusing. Also, you may want to build our player instead. This offers high health and damage attacks, which allow you to take down your enemies effectively. All you have to do is download the Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle 

How to Playing Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle On your Android Device?

Newbie DBZ Dokkan players may not be right at first. And that perfect light! So, here are our suggestions for beginners:

  1. Don’t turn off mode – Don’t delete this! If you can, learn as much as you can from here. Choose a training partner with the same colour as the person you want to promote. You can also get a lot of XP by doing this.
  2. Get to know the type of card – In this game; you can combine the colour of your keys with effect. This is not your average game where you breakfast and hope to win. To give people a chance to fight against other cards, this game came with a creative class.
  3. Collect All 7 Dragon Balls – As in the anime and manga, collecting seven dragon balls gives you rewards. Depending on what you choose, you can increase the character slot to 10 or others.
  4. Log in every day – even if you don’t have time to play every day, log in every day and you will receive bonus rewards. Better yet, try logging in for several days in a row, and your rewards will double.

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