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BitLifeMod Apk- Life Simulator is an excellent game for anyone who likes a handy gaming simulator—everything you can expect from a live game console. You will find tons of different visual links that will give you a lot of fun and are available on Apk Planett, the best resource for such game software.

What is BitLife?

BitLife Apk is a real-life simulator that allows you to build your character. The hero created will grow and develop. He should be an assistant and a behavioural counsellor in choosing a lifestyle.

The direct application of man to life is part of things reflected in his future life. This will follow regular routines for an average person.

You have to be careful because an unintentional act can lead to a criminal path. The model management here is efficient and straightforward. The interface expands down to the smallest detail.

Overview information

Name BitLife
Package com.candywriter.bitlife
Publisher Candy writer
Category Simulation
Version 1.33.1 (Latest)
Size 102M
MOD Features Citizenship Unlocked
Require Android
Available On Playstore


Life is like a fairy tale. You do not know what will happen now, miracles will happen in your life, or you do not know when this story will end. BitLife Apk gameplay is like visual novels.

Similarly, instead of selecting lines for the character, you choose an action for each main character’s timeline. Even the first time your mother takes you for vaccinations, you can choose between sitting docile or biting your mother’s hand as a complaint.

Click on the “Age” button to raise the prime minister’s age and see what happens to his life.


With a wide range of NPCs and relevant elements, players can enjoy interacting with other people in the game. You can make them with your friends, a date, or your partner if you want. Each person comes with a specific set of symbols they name.

Be happy

This is one of the essential stats because it determines your happy situation. As long as you stay comfortable, things are likely to happen, and you will feel more satisfied when you do things.

On the other hand, low self-esteem will make people more prone to depression. This reduces effectiveness in every activity he participates in.


Good health is always essential if you want to have a fulfilling life. This will allow you to be more active, increase your workload, and prevent you from living a shorter and fuller life.


Depending on your interests, this may be one of the most important or trivial.


Having a wise friend or partner can help you find the best solution to your problem. It’s also easy to get along with and can lead to a happier life.


While money is not everything, it is something that should not be overlooked. Wealthy friends will be great for your business because they can help you in so many ways.

But for the couple, a wealth of power will allow you to have a good life without being overly bothered.


All the NPCs in the game get this revelation. It reflects their inclination to do the unthinkable. While having an initial conversation with them can be fun, a clean relationship does not seem to be the right choice.

Build relationships and build families

And if you think you’ve met a real person in your life. You can make a family. You can have your children or take others to expand the family and make it more family-friendly.


Bitlife MOD Apk feature:

Unlocked release: Bitizenship is a sporting benefit you will get to buy in real money. If you have a Bitizenship, you have the following options:

  • No Ads
  • Open VIP features: Access to pet stores, speciality pets,…
  • Bitizen sign up & show the only Bitizen


  • Run to the office – choose a party, a stage, and a budget
  • Work from the school board principal to the president
  • Maintain a high level of approval
  • Read the newspaper to keep up with community issues.
  • Adopt new laws or visas
  • Discuss issues that are true to your heart
  • Organize political rallies
  • Avoid (or accept) political favours!
  • Avoid impeachment at all costs!
  • Re-election candidates!

How to install

Like other regular APK files.

Various activities to enjoy

As this is a life simulation game, players will have the opportunity to try everything and face their consequences.

  • Working
  • Club
  • Gym
  • Bodybuilding
  • Study
  • Casino
  • To commit crimes
  • Prison

So, if you think you can’t afford it, you can plan an escape to find freedom. Or you can ask to develop your suggestions.


Financial management

As we get older, we need to know how to manage our finances. You can use your money to buy your cars and belongings, open a company or even “throw all your money in the casino.”

In the main bar list, tap on Assets (properties) to manage the assets you own. However, you need the age required for your property.

Look for your love

This is one of the most exciting and crazy features of BitLifeApk. It allows you to marry and present girls who appear in your life. Some girls will come to you, even if you are married.

It would help if you tried to raise a happy family. Just one mistake, you can ruin everything yourself.

Time machine

Have you ever wanted to make a machine tool and replace it with something in the past? Other times you want to go back to high school and have the courage to invite a girl to prom.

Yes, in real life, we ​​can’t do this. We are only left with moving on. But with BitLife, it is possible. With Time Machine, you can go back a year or more to change some of your options.


BitLife doesn’t need 3D graphics and visuals, so you get it as simple as reading a book. The game interface is designed in the style of the main storyline. After each choice, the anniversary year activities will be listed on the screen.

Suggestions for playing BitLife

As in any game, you are having a few tips when you get into the experience to help you get ahead. This is mostly true of BitLife Mod apk. We’ve put together some great tips to help you succeed in your life – be careful.

  • Scan hard.
  • Get some hobbies.
  • Restart conversation.
  • Maintain good relationships with parents.
  • Try to grow in popularity.
  • Marry a rich old man

Bottom Line

In short, a life simulator is usually addictive, and this game is no different, but the lessons applied to progress in this game are very similar to real-life: work hard, don’t stick to habits.

Bad and maintain good relationships with the people around you. If you do it well, you will flourish just like in the real world. Although Apk Planett is the best platform for this kind of gaming entertainment as it has one of the most popular and funniest mobile game programs.

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