Alight Motion is a popular video editing app gaining popularity among content creators and social media enthusiasts. It comes with a range of features that allow users to create stunning videos, animations, and graphics on their mobile devices. However, the free version of the app has some limitations, which can be frustrating for those who want to explore all its capabilities.

NameAlight Motion MOD APK
Download Size160 MB
CategoryVideo Players & Editors
Android Version RequiredAndroid 6.0 and up

Fortunately, there is an Alight Motion MOD APK that unlocks all the premium features without any restrictions. This article will delve into Alight Motion MOD APK, how it works, and why it’s becoming increasingly popular among video editors. We’ll also look at some of the unique features of this modified version and how you can download it onto your device.

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Modded Features of Alight Motion MOD APK Latest Version:

Premium Unlocked:

One of the most notable features of Alight Motion APK is its premium unlocked feature. This means that you get access to all the premium features without having to pay for them. With this feature, you can enjoy using advanced tools like keyframe animation, color correction, and audio mixing, among others. You can also use various effects such as glitch effects and animation presets to make your videos more captivating.

Without Watermark:

The most prominent feature of Alight Motion MOD APK 2023 is that it does not have a watermark. This means that users can create videos without any branding or logos appearing on them, making them look more professional. The Alight Motion No Watermark also allows creators to share their content on social media platforms without any restrictions.

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Get Any Font:

With Alight Motion MOD APK Download, getting a custom font for your videos is incredibly easy. You can easily install any font you like by simply downloading it from a website or transferring it from another device. Once you’ve got your desired font installed on your phone, simply upload it into Alight Motion, and it will be available for use in all future projects.

Key-Frame Availability:

With Alight Motion MOD APK for Android, users can add multiple key-frames to their videos, enabling them to smoothly transition between different scenes or elements within a single clip. This feature gives users complete control over their video editing process, allowing them to experiment with different effects until they achieve the desired outcome.

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Visual Effects:

Users have access to over 2000 preset animation effects, which are categorized into various themes such as text, geometric shapes, transitions, and more. These visual effects can be customized according to your preferences by adjusting parameters like color, speed, opacity, and rotation angle. Moreover, users can add multiple layers of animations and blend them seamlessly with their footage using various blending modes. We also have Discord MOD APK from our website.

XML Support:

XML support enables users to import and export project files easily between different devices and platforms. This means that you can work on a project using your phone, save it, and then continue working on it using your computer or tablet without any issues. You can also share your projects with other users who use different devices without any compatibility issues.

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Chroma Key:

Chroma Key technology was once only available in high-end video editing software. However, Alight Motion’s MOD APK version has brought this functionality to mobile devices. With Chroma Key, users can effortlessly remove the background of their videos and replace it with an image or footage of their choice. This feature is particularly useful for creating professional-looking content, such as green screen interviews or special effects shots.

Blending Mode:

The blending mode feature in Alight Motion MOD APK offers several options, including add, subtract, multiply, overlay, and screen. Each of these modes has its own characteristics and can be used to achieve different visual effects in your videos. For instance, when using the add mode, you can brighten up dark footage by adding a light layer on top of it.

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Free of Cost:

One of the best things about using Alight Motion MOD APK is that it doesn’t require any subscription or payment to access its features. This means you can enjoy all the premium tools without spending a single penny. We also have Hotstar MOD APK from our website

No Lag:

The latest version of Alight Motion MOD APK has been optimized to ensure that it runs smoothly on all devices, regardless of their specifications. This means that you can enjoy the benefits of this app without having to worry about lag or other performance issues.

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No Ads:

One of the best features of this modified version is that it eliminates every type of advertisement, including banners and pop-ups. This means no more interruption during your editing sessions or while exporting videos. You can now focus solely on creating stunning visuals without any distractions.

Personal Experience:

I recently downloaded the Alight Motion MOD APK and I am incredibly impressed with its features. The app is easy to use and offers a variety of tools for creating stunning animations and videos. I particularly love the keyframe animation feature, which allows me to add precise movements to my projects. The app’s interface is intuitive and aesthetically pleasing, making it a joy to work with. Additionally, the MOD APK version offers all features unlocked for free, which is a huge plus.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Does Alight Motion MOD APK contain viruses?

No, Alight Motion MOD APK does not contain any viruses or malicious code.

Can I use Alight Motion MOD APK on my phone?

Yes, Alight Motion MOD APK can be used on most Android phones and tablets.

Does Alight Motion MOD APK support multi-layer editing?

Yes, Alight Motion MOD APK supports multi-layer editing.


In conclusion, the Alight Motion MOD APK is an excellent tool for video editing enthusiasts. With the premium features unlocked, you can create stunning visuals and animations that will leave your audience in awe. The app is user-friendly and offers a wide range of editing options, making it suitable for both beginners and experts. Whether you want to create social media content or professional videos, Alight Motion covers you. So why wait? Download the app today and start exploring its endless possibilities!